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German Covers: Aren’t They Lovely

Galaxy National Book Awards

I have been nominated as a Best New Writer for the National Book Awards 2011. The award ceremony will take place on Friday the 4th of November and will be televised on one of the Channel Fours, probably in bite … Continue reading

Moon Over Soho Audio

Just received word that the unabridged audio version Moon Over Soho will be available for download from the 21st of July. It will be read, as was Rivers of London, by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith who not only does a much better … Continue reading

Writing a Novel and Getting Published

Now that I’ve moved from an almost successful writer to a somewhat successful writer I am still asked how one traverses that tricky hinterland between the gloomy forest of obscurity to the sunlit uplands of actually getting paid to write. … Continue reading

Mein Name ist Peter Grant.

Rivers of London is being published in Germany by DTV, here is their cover and here is their blurb… »Können Sie beweisen, dass Sie tot sind?« Peter Grant ist Police Constable in London mit einer ausgeprägten Begabung fürs Magische. Was … Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Boast…

But I’m in the top ten again…. …admittedly I’m right at the bottom of the top ten but, hey, any sales figure you can walk away from as they say. This is the Guardian Top 10 Hardback chart, apparently the … Continue reading

Moon Over Soho – Out Now in the UK

Moon Over Soho is out today: 373 sizzling hardback pages of murder, magic, mystery, hot sex, cool jazz and cream cakes. A book that the critics are already calling ‘…a novel with words in it!‘ ‘Some of the characters are … Continue reading

Signing at Romford Waterstone next Saturday

I will be signing copies of, well anything that gets shoved in front of me but hopefully, copies of the newly released ‘Moon Over Soho’ on the Saturday the 23rd of April. It will kick off at 13:00 PM so … Continue reading

Writing Below Your Pay Grade

Bonekickers Now you can criticise Bonekickers for many things and indeed it’s actually quite hard to see where one would stop criticising Bonekickers but most of those things arose out of positive decisions on the part of the production team. … Continue reading

Gibbon Wrangling for Beginners: Part 1

Dealing with the Patronage Delusion It is an unfortunate fact of life that if you embark upon a career in writing that sooner or later you will find yourself dealing with a gibbon(1), sometimes a whole troop of gibbons. This … Continue reading