Benoît Domis  – French Translator

After graduating from a business school and spending the first half of his professional life in sales and marketing, Benoît Domis decided that life was too short and would certainly be better if he could live – at least partly – from something he actually liked, that is genre fiction (and especially horror).

He started by co-editing Ténèbres, the French horror magazine, from 1998 to 2001 (Ténèbres won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire in 2001 for its huge 400 page Stephen King issue). For Ténèbres and other French magazines, he translated his first short stories from several writers who were his literary heroes (Stephen King, Michael Moorcock, Michael Marshall Smith, Terry Dowling, Ian Watson).

He then went on to translate novels from – obviously – Ben Aaronovitch, Jack Ketchum, Craig Spector, Robert McCammon, Gary Braunbeck and Peter James (among others).

In 2003, he co-founded, a small press that publishes short story collections (mainly horror : Ramsey Campbell, Douglas Smith, Brian Hopkins ; but also science-fiction : Ian Watson) and raised Ténèbres from the dead as an annual anthology (4 issues so far).

Benoît is 49 and lives in Nancy, in the east of France.

Christine Blum – German Translator

I am Christine Blum, to some also known as Crystal or Fall. I live in South-Western Germany, in a town called Offenburg between the Black Forest and the French border, together with a good friend and a cute feral killer cat. I was always interested in foreign languages and translating, but my first choice of studies was – - – medicine. Until I realized that I absolutely didn’t want to work as a doctor or do scientific research. So I switched to cultural studies, musicology and Russian literature. While still at University I began translating roleplaying rulebooks for a small German publishers, and after graduating I was lucky enough to find more publishers to work with, translating mainly fantasy and mystery fiction – which I like best indeed, even if I never consciously sought to work in that genre. I have been working as a literary translator (English and Russian to German) since 2005 now.

Apart from my work I’m performing my own songs together with fellow filker and songwriter Eva; we’re known (as far as we’re known) as “Summer & Fall”: (sorry, our homepage is in desperate need to be revised!). In addition I’m also a pen & paper roleplaying gamer and a geocacher.